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Pakistan Christian Recording Ministries

PCRM is an interdenominational ministry reaching out to the peoples of Pakistan and neighbouring countries through Bible-centered radio programmes, CDs and cassettes.

In a 97% Muslim country with estimated literacy rate of only 25%, radio and cassettes are the only ways many of Pakistan's 180 millions can hear the Gospel.

  Listening FEBA Radio  


Since local medium-wave transmission is a monopoly of the government, PCRM's programs are transmitted on short-wave by FEBA Radio, a major Christian transmitting station.


PCRM's Radio programs are in three of Pakistan's main languages, Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki.
One Urdu program 'Along with Life' is a 30 minute daily magazine program produced jointly with FEBA Radio. It is designed to build relationship with listeners by addressing their felt needs. It presents features, from a Christian perspective, on a variety of subjects of general public interest, as well as music and interviews. Each year about 7000 letters and SMS are received from its listeners, the vast majority of whom are Muslims.


"It is hard to express in words how good we find your program 'Along with Life' because it gives peace to our heart and brings us wave upon wave of pleasure." (a listener in North West Frontier Province)


The other Urdu programme for the Way is a weekly program of Bible dramas and songs. It includes discussion to give Christian teaching on every day issues facing Pakistanis today.

The 15minute weekly Punjabi program 'Pure Pearls' presents Bible readings and teaching. It aims to reach not only Muslims, but also the needy Christian minority in Pakistan, most of which has Punjabi as its mother tongue.


"We live in a place where preachers and evangelists don't want to come, a completely waste and alien area. Here we hear God's Word through the light of your radio programs." (a Christian woman in a remote village)


Since 1992 PCRM has been producing two weekly Saraiki programs to reach the 10-15 million Muslims in this language group. Listeners are excited to hear their mother tongue on short-wave radio.


"I like your program 'Oasis Well'. We are living in Abu Dhabi and we listen to your programs with great interest. My mother tongue is Saraiki, so your programs make me feel like I'm home in Pakistan."


PCRM produces music CDs & cassette of hymns, psalms and songs in Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki. The aims are to enrich the worship of the Church in Pakistan and to make the Gospel message available through music.

CDs and Cassettes of dramatised Bible stories which include simple Bible teaching are also produced and sold at low cost for use in evangelism and follow-up. Around 8000 cassettes & CDs are sold a year.

  Cassettes List  


PCRM is housed in a spacious, modern fully-equipped buildind containing 2 control rooms, 3 studios, a workshop, offices and a library.

  Recording a radio program  


Most of the staff of nine work in program production; others handles office work, maintain studio equipment, follow up listeners' letters and promote and sell CDs and cassettes. Much of the script writing and voicing is contracted out, giving staff close contact with the local community.

PCRM co-operates closely with other studios and media ministries and local churches, both in production and in follow-up. Training workshops are held and on-the-job training is provided with the aim of training production staff and young men and women from the local Christian community in writing and producing.


Training in progress  


Each year about 15,000 letters are received from Pakistani listeners to all of FEBA's broadcasts. Staff are trained to answer each letter personally. Further contact is promoted by making available Christian literature, our CDs & cassettes and by inviting listeners to study further through the Pakistan Bible Correspondence Institute.

Answering listeners letters  



*Please pray for PCRM, its staff and its listeners as it seeks to bring Christ's message of love and salvation to many who have never heard.

*PCRM depends almost entirely on contributions from concerned individuals and churches. If you can help with regular or one-time donations, small or large, or if you would like to receive our quarterly newsletter, please use the address below.


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