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PCRM produces music cassette of hymns, psalms and songs in Urdu, Punjabi and Saraiki. The aims are to enrich the worship of the Church in Pakistan and to make the Gospel message available through music.

Cassettes of dramatised Bible stories which include simple Bible teaching are also produced and sold at low cost for use in evangelism and follow-up. Around 8000 cassettes are sold year.

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CRM 1 Stereo. "Songs of Praise". Urdu and Punjabi.
#3, 5 and 7 are Punjabi Psalms; the rest are Urdu songs. Six songs by a choir, the rest by male soloists of whom the best known is Ejaz Qaiser. The final song is the Lord's Prayer.


CRM 2 Mono. "SONGS OF CHRIST'S SECOND COMING". All songs are in Urdu.
Featured soloists are Ghulam Abbas, Ejaz Qaiser and Mehanz.


CRM 3 Mono. "Songs and Psalms". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket : Mehnaz.
#1, 2, 4, 7, 10 are Punjabi Psalms, taken from Psalmas 18,31,90,91 and 20 relatively. All rest are Urdu. Featured singers are Mehnaz and Ejaz Qaiser.


CRM 4 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.2". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Naheed Akhtar.
This cassette contains the most Punjabi. #1-5, 9 and 10 are Punjabi Psalms.
The rest are Urdu songs. Soloists include Naheed Akhtar, Ghulam Ali, Ejaz Qaiser and Shameem Kanwal.


CRM 5 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.3". Entirely Urdu.
Jaket : Mahdi Hasan.
Mahi hasan is the Indo/Pak subcontinent's best known solo singer. Other soloists : Mehnaz, Ijaz Qaiser, A. Nayar.
Song # 3 is the well- known prayer from the 16th century:
"God be in my head, and in my understanding; God be in my eyes, and in my looking; god be in my ears and in my hearing" etc.
Song # 4 is Psalm 139 ; " O God, you have searched me and known me...."
Song # 6 is Psalm 96 : " Let the firmament rejoice."
Song #8 is Psalm 1 : " Blessed is the man...."
Song # 12 is Psalm 86 : " Incline your ear, O Lord...."


CRM 6 Stereo. "Songs of the Spirit". Entirely Urdu.
Subtitle on jacket: "Bible Verses Set to Tunes, Sung by Choir."
Bible verses are: (in order), Side A : Rev. 4:11. Rev.11:17 . I Cor. 6:19 , John 14: 1. Psalm 47,
Luke 1: 38, with I Samuel 3: 10.
Side B: Revelation 5: 13, Luke 4: 18,19 ; Luke 19:18, I John 3:1, with I peter 1: 11 , Ephesians 5: 18,19 ; Luke 4: 6,7 with Psalm 119: 17,18.
Songs # 4,5 and 10 and 12 are not strictly Bible verses, but Bible songs based on the verses noted.


CRM 7 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.4". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Mehnz.
# 3, 5, 6 and 7 are the opening verses of Psalms 99, 96 and 63 respectively. (Psalm 63 is sung completely); # 11 is the part of Psalm 95 which begins, " Today, if you will hearing his voice, harden not your hearts...." All these are in Punjabi and all the rest are Urdu songs. # 8 is a versification of the Beatitudes.


CRM 8 Stereo. "Melodies of the Heart".
Wholly instrumental. Contains tracks of favourites Stereo from other cassettes, with a lead instrument instead of voice. Lead instruments: sitar, flute, violin, accordion.


CRM 9 Stereo. "Christmas Songs". All Urdu.
Two are old favourites, the rest new compositions. Featured singers: Mehnaz, a.Mayyar, Tarannum Naz, Ejaz Qaiser, Ghulam Abbas.


CRM10 Stereo. "Morning Call". All Punjabi.
Jacket shows Siddique Masih of Gojra, and other singers are: Fjshan, Iqbal Behu, Mujid, Habib. This cassette is entirely in the Punjabi folk-song mode.


CRM11 Stereo. "Easter Songs". All Urdu.
Mostly new sings: one or two old ones have been given new tunes. Side A pertains to Good Friday, Side B to Easter. Lead singers include Mehnaz, Tarannum Naz, Ghulam Abbas, Ejaz Qauser.


CRM12 Stereo. "Words of Life". All Punjabi.
Jacket: Bird singing.
Five familiar psalms, one song to a new tune, and five all-new songs. Singers: Ghulam Abbas, Agshan, Tarannum Naz, Rajab Ali, Mehnas.Hamid Ali Khan.


CRM13 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.5". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: A. nayyar.
Two new songs are introduced. New tunes have been given to eight psalms and hymns which are under-utilized or have Western tunes. Main singers are A. Nayyar and Humera Channa: others include Ghulam Abbas and Mehnaz.


CRM14 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.6". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Red Rose.
Six new songs are introduced. # 3, 6, 7, are Punjabi Psalms. # 1 is an old familiar song. Featured singers anre Mehnaz, Ghulam Abbas, A. Nayyar with Choir, Afshan, Tarannum Naz, Ejaz Qaiser


CRM15 Stereo. "Oasis Well" (Jhoke Jhalar). Saraiki.
Jacket: Village well.
Singers: Saleem Gerdeezi, Naseem Akhter, Ijaz Qaiser, Afshaan and Ghulam Abbas. Psalms and Songs translated into Saraiki and set to tunes of the traditional Saraiki style. This may the first Christian music cassette in this language.


CRM16 Stereo. "Way of Salvation" (Mukti di Rah). Punjabi.
Jacket: Two travelers with camel.
Two Psalms with four familiar songs and six new songs. Singers: Shukat Ali, Afshaan, Tarannam Naz, Anwer Raffi, Ayub Qassair, Khawer and Saddique Masih. Psalms and Songs are in Punjabi and set to tunes of the traditional style.


CRM17 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.7". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Picture of Gulam Abbas.
Six new songs are introduced. #4, 5, 6, are Punjabi Psalms. #9 is an old familiar song. Featured singers are Ghulam Abbas, A. Nayyar & Humara Arshed with Choir, Afshan, Anwar Rafi, Shabnum Mujeed and Kashif Jackson.


CRM18 Stereo. "Christmas Songs" (God's Love). Punjabi.
Jacket: Three wise men and Star near Jerusalem.
Three New Songs with 2 Psalms #33 & 72. All other are traditional Christmas Songs. Music is composed in folk and traditional style. Singers: Ghulam Abbas, Afshaan, Tarannam Naz, Anwer Raffi, Shabnum Mujeed and Asif Javaid with Choir.


CRM19 Stereo. "In Praise of God" ("Hamd-e-Khuda"). All Urdu.
Singers: Mahdi Hasan, Ghulam Abbas, Mehnaz, Tarannam Naz, Ejaz Qaisar. A special cassette produced for Muslims containing songs from the prophets and saints in the Bible who are also known to the Muslim. It also contains a psalm set in a "qawali" mode (a traditional and popular Muslim style of praise singing). It was released through a well-known secular recording company, Shalimar Recording Company and it was well sold through Muslims dealers.


CRM20 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.8". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Picture of beautiful sight of northern area of Pakistan.
Four New songs with three famielier songs and Psalms 1, 55, 66 and 133. New tune has been introduced to two Psalms And well liked. Singers: Ghulam Abbas, Tarannam Naz, Anwer Raffi, Shabnum Mujeed. Two new singers introduced Trofina Daniel and Yousaf Sammer.


CRM21 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.9". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Picture of Tarannam Naz. Six New songs with and Psalms 22, 32, 81, 84 and 121. New tune has been introduced to one Psalms and well liked. Singers: Ghulam Abbas, Tarannam Naz, Anwer Raffi, Shabnum Mujeed. Three new singers introduced Kashif Jackson, Malvin Mall, and Mrs. Saddaqat Nauman.


CRM22 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.10". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Picture of beutiful beach.
Singers: A. Nayyar, Shabnam Majid, Kashif Jackson, ShabnamKajid, Ameer Ali, Saima Jahan, Anila Khokher.


CRM23 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.11". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Picture of beutiful Flowers.
Singers: A. Nayyar, Ghulam Abbas, Shabnam Majid, Kashif Jackson, Ameer Ali, Afshaan, Tarannam Naz.


CRM24 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.12". Urdu and Punjabi.
Jacket: Picture of Singers.
Singers: A. Nayyar, Shabnam Majid, Kashif Jackson, Goshi Talib,Afshan , Saima Jahan.


CRM25 Stereo. "Selected Psalms NO.01". Punjabi.
Jacket: Picture of Dr. I.D.Shahbaz.
Singers: Kashif Jackson,Ghulam Abbas, A. Nayyar, Ejaz Qauser Mehnas, Naheed Akhtar.


CRM26 Stereo. "Thou Art Great". Urdu.
Jacket: Picture of Galaxy.
Singers: A. Nayyar, Amir Jackson,Nina Pervez,


CRM27 Stereo. "Songs and Psalms No.13". Urdu.
Jacket: Picture of Flowers.
Singers: A. Nayyar, Kashif Jackson, Gulam Abbas, Saima Jahan


DRM03 Stereo. "Shareen Kalam". Urdu.
Jacket: Picture of beautiful sky.
Singers: A. Nayyar









We call these "Water of Life"(Ab-i-Hayat) Cassettes. They consist of two 20-25 minute programmes per cassette. Each programme starts with a dramatization of a high point of a prophet or patriarch's life, followed by a brief appropriate message and prayer. An appropriate song is also included. Each series is available either as individual cassettes or as a set.


Twelve episodes on three cassettes. Language: Punjabi.


Twelve episodes o
n three cassettes. Language: Urdu.


Four episodes on one cassette. Language: Punjabi.


Six episodes on two cassettes. Language: Punjabi.


Fifteens episodes on Four cassettes. Language: Punjabi.


Eight episodes on two cassettes. Language: Urdu.




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